Monday, May 11, 2015


In recent years, the growing amount of genetic modification in our food has increased drastically. More and more consumers express the desire to know exactly what is going into their food, and now legislation is underway to force companies to label food produced with GMO's.

The main argument against labeling GMO foods comes from the companies themselves, who fear that these labels will scare consumers away, but it stems from a fear that if consumers know what companies are hiding in their food, they would move to other brands.

GMO crops are new enough that long-term health effects of their consumption cannot be fully known yet, that being said however, there are plenty of arguments on either side about possible effects they may have, and with the large possibilities of adverse health problems stemming from GMO crops, it seems absolutely necessary that our foods be labelled accordingly if they contain GMO's.

The US is one of few nations that doesn't label GMO products in food. Much of Europe and Asia either label GMO's, impose harsh restrictions on them, or outright ban them. Labels in the US would be an important first step in providing consumers with proper information and legislation is being proposed that would sign this into law. While the effects of GMO food is unknown as positive or negative, consumers have the right to know exactly what they are eating.



  1. The main reason companies don't want to label their foods as GM is because consumers have an irrational food of them. If you look at all the anti-GM propaganda out there that has no scientific backing but is still widely believed as gospel truth, you can't really blame companies for not wanting to label their food.

  2. Andrew. Maybe. But when you have children, or face a medical problem, or become aware of what's going on in our country and in others, you become more wary of the deception. What's wrong with knowing what's in your food? Why does someone else get to make the choice of my own knowledge FOR me.

    This has been a good blog. I know you got off to a little bit of a rocky start, but the info you've researched is good, and I can tell you actually put some time into some of these posts. Kudos. The FDA--can't live with them/can't live without them... As with everything, I think US policies and regulations are proving that, as with everything, YOU have to be your own advocate. No one's really going to take care of you... Nice job, guys!